Top Jazz Dance Costumes for Competition

Jazz dance showcases the artist’s talent through elaborate footwork, giant leaps, and fast turns. Preparing for a competition covers a lot of grounds, from extensive and tear-jerkingly practice sessions to ensuring that nothing goes wrong on the most awaited day. The costume should be flawlessly hugged to the dancer’s body for ease of movement and expression. Also, a costume should captivate the audiences’ attention while amplifying each graceful movement of the dancer. To get ready for your competition, here are the Top Jazz Dance Costumes.


This no-sew sparkling sequin can level up your otherwise plain black and obviously boring attire. You can express more creativity if you also have interest with fashion designing, as you create personalized designs and themes. Plus, this option is relatively cheaper compared to using rhinestones for a glimmering look.

Peplum Leotards

A woman wearing a dress

A peplum is a short, flared skirt that curves at the natural waistline, highlighting the athletic yet sensual figure of the wearer. It can show off a slimmer and flattering style with the right one, giving the dancer a more aesthetic edge without compromising fluid movements. The dancer will surely feel more confident in performing their most difficult routine and finish off the performance amidst the loud cheers of the audiences.

Future Meets Past

Jazz, both in music and dance, has always been versatile and receptive to various styles. A futuristic style will work well in any Jazz Dance Costumes, with its avant garde design. Stand out among the competitors with your metallic fabric in a jazz-meets-SciFi dance costume and take your audience to a dance journey back to the future featuring Doc Brown and Marty McFly.   

Lace, Appliques, and Mesh

A person standing on top of a wooden fence

A favored option among dancers, lace and appliques on your costume is a finely detailed way to show off your movements blended in beautiful designs. Adding lace on a mesh is becoming popular among the contestants, too. With the skin visible in the mesh, the dancer gives the impression of a lace-tattooed mythical being gracefully hypnotizing the people with their breathtaking maneuvers.

Shining, Shimmering, Splendid Patterns

Imagine dancing in front of hundreds or so audiences and making sure you got their eyes glued to your performance throughout the entire dance routine. A costume that can make you shine should have patterns, lines, and floral designs made in gems or rhinestones. Getting it professional made is definitely worth the price especially if you are aiming for nothing less than the grand prize. Having a shining, shimmering and splendid costume, when paired with an equally enchanting dance, will shoot right to the top of the judges’ list.

Jazz dance expresses one’s artistic intent, expertise, and creativity through intricate and flowing movements. It also tells a story that intends to get the audiences entertained and relate to their unconscious passions. A carefully chosen dance costume can intensify the overall performance, resulting in an extraordinary artists’ and the spectators’ unforgettable experience. With these Jazz Dance Costumes, be ready to bask in praises as you carry your trophy home.  

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