5 Best Black Jazz Shoes

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Shoes are essential footwear for all aspiring Jazz dancers. When it comes to buying your first Jazz Shoes, there are things you need to consider, such as the sole, durability, and size. You will need to look for something that perfectly fits the width of your feet otherwise it can go off when you least expect it. It should be snug but not tight, as the leather will loosen through use. To help you choose, here are the five Best Black Jazz Shoes.

EJ2 E-Series Jazz Slip-On from Capezio

Capezio, one of the few known dancewear brands, made this best-seller from soft-durable leather and stretchy fabric for arch-support. It has a foam padding inside and EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) forefoot heel and patch, making it more comfortable for dancing than rubber soles. It is the most suitable partner to perfect complex foot movements in Jazz dance.

Neo-Flex Split-Sole Jazz Shoe from Bloch

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A classic Bloch, this shoe provides excellent support and flexibility. It is made with an elastic arch from Satin Neo, allowing more air to pass through, cooling your feet while you get consumed with the soulful movements in Jazz dancing. Aside from black, these shoes also come in nude color which will make you look enchantingly dancing on bare feet.

Pulse Jazz Shoe from Bloch

Another split-sole shoe from Jazz, this stylish dancewear has a cotton-lined interior which is exactly what your feet need for breathability. It has a neoprene satin arch and a leather upper support. The rubber soles will work great if you are gliding and twisting on the vinyl flooring of your dance studio. You can choose a nude color if you’re feeling adventurous.

EJ1 E-Series Jazz Shoes from Capezio

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Aside from slip-on shoes, lace-up Black Jazz Shoes are also an excellent choice for your dancing needs. These shoes are made from soft, durable leather and EVA outsole, making it lightweight and ideal for beginners in the performing arts of Jazz. It is also a favorite among dancers with wide feet since they can easily adjust the fit through the laces.

Freeform Slip-On Jazz Shoe from Capezio

Capezio’s fantastic freeform slip-on Jazz shoes give the exceptional feel as if you’re dancing barefoot but without the worry of slipping and getting injured. Snug and flatteringly hugging your arches provide an added flexibility. It also makes it suitable for other dancing styles like ballet or modern dance. It is made from leather with nylon and is supplemented with rubber soles, which makes it an all-around footwear for dancers.

Jazz dance is characterized by sharp movements and complicated footwork. It requires strenuous training and dedication to achieve mastery. As a performer, you want to make sure you only have your outstanding performance to give. Make your moves gracefully effortless with any of these Best Black Jazz Shoes. With your talent, hard work and confidence on your stage wardrobe, take your audience through a magical night of dance and extraordinary performance. It will give you and your audience an experience like no other.

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